School Values

Bricolage Academy is founded on the belief that all students are capable of developing the knowledge, skills and mindsets required to succeed in college, pursue their unique greatness and live a life of purpose amid an ever-changing world. Bricolage’s personalized, rigorous curriculum combined with an intentional school culture, based in our core values, creates an environment where all students succeed.

At Bricolage, we have four core values:

  • Empathy – Be Kind.
  • Integrity – Do Your Best.
  • Innovation – Solve Problems Creatively.
  • Courage – Take Smart Risks.

We expect to explicitly teach the meaning and manifestation of each of these character traits at a developmentally and age appropriate level.  For the first four weeks of each school year, we provide an overview of each of these values during our daily and weekly community meetings.  Each subsequent month, we focus on a singular value and foster its development among our students and staff.  During these community meetings, we will spotlight students and staff members who have exhibited it lately and will hold them up as models for the rest of the community to follow.